Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever. . Ecclesiastes 1

Punctuation marks

It’s a dead poets society
Words lying across the page
Unknown, undiscovered, strange.
Trying to save them,
Punctuation marks
Are stuck in my soul.
I never knew how or when
I’ll be ready to use them all.

Question marks,
In a forbidden world
Don’t make a change,
They’re not alive
Until my mind agrees
To dive in and then…
Slowly waiting for
The words to come
I am ready.

Copiright: Ilinca Mreana


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One thought on “Punctuation marks

  1. Through their Words dead poets live on
    With these Words you affirm their memory.

    Lords of the Dance of ideas flowing along
    So affirming you give life, becoming ready

    And rescue punctuation for another year?

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